"Our English teaching program  and curriculum has

been approved by the Thai Ministry of Education.

The major subjects of our curriculum includes English, Mathematics, Standard Science, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Thai, History, Geography, Social, Laboratory, Business Studies, Music, Art, Computer, Thai Dance, Thai Music, Counseling Activities, Co-Curricular and Extra-curricular activities.


In English Program (EP), we concentrate mainly on teaching Intensive English Reading and Writing, Listening and Speaking.  All core subjects are taught by Foreign Teachers together with international publication materials.  

Our English Program establishes a love of learning in its students and prepares them to be responsible and productive global citizens.  Students receive a quality education in all their subjects. They will be fluent and accurate speakers on English and most importantly, students will leave our school as good, moral young adults who care about people, society, and the environment."  


- Kindergarten

Approximately 105,500.- to 120,500.- Baht per year

- Primary

Approximately 125,400.- to 159,900.- Baht per year

- Secondary

Approximately 150,200.- to 181,800.- Baht per year

Note :

1. Other fees i.e. activities etc. (in addition) are varied by each level ranging.

2. School reserves the right to revise the tuition fees as it deems necessary

    or appropriate with or without prior notice.

shc english program