About EP


The English Program of the Sacred Heart Convent School has been an integral
part in the development of holistic individuals. For more than 15years, our
commitment to excellence has ensured that each student enrolled in our program
is not only proficient in the command of the English language but also has the
values and the positive attitude to be contributing individuals.

Our mission is to develop young learners with active and creative minds, a sense
of understanding and compassion for others, the courage to act on their beliefs,
to provide excellent and innovative learning styles for our students and to ensure
they can grow up to be valuable assets to our nation. Our English Program
establishes a love of learning in its students and prepares them to be responsible
and productive global citizens.

Our students will graduate from the English Program with high self-esteem and
confidence. They will know that they have received a quality education in all their
subjects, and they will remember their knowledge for years to come. They will be
fluent and accurate speakers of English and sometimes be taken as native
speakers. And most importantly, students will leave our school as good, moral
young adults who care about people, society, and the environment.


           •   Create and sustain a transparent family like working environment that
                promotes creative activities and better teaching for our students and communities.
           •   Integrate technology, creativity, and innovation that facilitate the best
                learning experience.
           •   Produce the best and most well equipped graduates, ready to grow up as
                valuable assets to our Nation and peruse a successful career.




We believe that the best way to learn is learning by doing.

Therefore, inquiry-based learning and project-based learning are our primary teaching methodologies.

School teachers integrate a variety of teaching methods and innovations to guide students to obtain their best results, rather than teacher-centered approaches. Our task is to help students discover and develop their strengths while recognizing and overcoming their weaknesses, not only from in-class instruction but also from quality extracurricular activities outside of the classroom.